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What to Expect on Set

This page lays out how the shoot will be conducted to give you a better idea of what to expect. Good preparation ahead of shooting is a big key in producing quality footage, so I thank you for taking the time to read through this page to help both of us reach our goal of a quality final product. 

Building the Set

The shoot will start when I arrive on set and begin to scout the location and get an idea for where we should film to capture the best possible shots. If we are shooting an interview, this process will take more time because I need to find a spot that is very visually pleasing so the audience will be more likely to listen to your message.  

Lights.. Camera... 

Once the location for filming has been selected, I will set my shot, fine tune my settings, and build the lights and audio around that selected shot. Be prepared, the light will be bright. During this time I will also set up audio. You will either have a boom mic or lapel mic recording you, or you'll have both.  Good audio is crucial to quality video so please be patient with testing! This will be the time you need to silence your phone as well as any noises in the area that can interfere with our shoot. 

aaannnnddddd cut. 

Once we have captured all the lines we need and I have finished capturing any BROLL footage necessary, your part is finished! At this point I should have filmed everything I need for your project. I will take down the set, replace any furniture if moved, and head back to my computer to back up the footage.

Set Design

Sometimes in order to get the proper shot we have to move furniture around, open or close blinds, and sample a few spots before finding the right one. This all falls under "set design" and is crucial to capturing the right shot.  Don't worry though, everything will be returned exactly to the way it was before I arrived!


Everything is now in place and we are ready to begin filming. If you will not be on camera for our project, you can ignore this portion. This is where it is the most crucial to be patient. Great video comes from getting the perfect take, so you will most likely have to say your lines multiple times before moving on. This can feel tedious and even annoying at the time, however please trust in the process and know the final product will be that much better because of our commitment to getting that perfect take. 

That's a Wrap

During the post-production process, I will request any logos or branding assets you have that can assist me in editing. Once the edit is finished, I will send it to you for final review. Once completed, you will receive the file(s) in  full quality. You can start sharing your video content immediately.

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